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Residential Treatment and Transition Program for Young Adults

Aftercare Services

Aftercare Services

When a participant enters our OPI Living Programs we begin to establish a plan for what they will do when they move on.

Some may want to go back to colleges or universities they were attending while others may want to start their journey into the job market.

Because OPI offers a continuum of care through its AfterCare Program, all participants know they can, if everyone agrees it is appropriate, continue on in our supportive community long after the more structured and supervised portions of the program are over.

In AfterCare, participants remain part of our program but they are more independent. We help them find their own apartment nearby (sometimes they live with another participant who is at the same stage) and they may continue to access most OPI activities and services including ongoing access to OPI staff and therapists.

They may choose to attend OPI groups and individual psychotherapy sessions, activities and outings, have access to our transportation services, medication management services and Life Coaching.

Some choose to live close-by but they are on their own, engaging only in Outpatient Therapy while maintaining supportive relationships with OPI staff and peers.